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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you a U-pick farm?/ Do you allow picking?
    Yes, we are a U-pick farm, allowing our customers to handpick their strawberries directly from our fields. At Strawberry Run, we believe in providing an authentic farm experience, where individuals and families can enjoy the process of selecting and picking the ripest, juiciest strawberries themselves. Our U-pick model allows our customers to connect with the land, appreciate the work of cultivating our strawberries, and take home the freshest produce possible.
  • Do I need to bring a container for picking?
    No, we provide cardboard crates designed for keeping fresh-picked strawberries as fresh as possible. We also provide metal frames with a handle to use while you’re at the farm to make carrying the box easier. After you weigh and pay, the box is yours to take home! Our staff is available to offer guidance on the best picking techniques. Make lasting memories while enjoying the beautiful surroundings of our farm. We’ll have a basket waiting for you!
  • Where can I find updates on whether you have berries or not?
    Please view our Facebook or Instagram page for the latest berry updates.
  • When do you close? How do I know if you’re closed?
    We update our website, Google listing and Facebook with our farm hours. However, if there are days we need to close due to weather conditions we will post it on our Facebook or Instagram page.
  • Do you have a porta potty or some type of restroom on site?
    Yes, we have port potties on-site for when nature calls!
  • Are you open for U-pick during the week?
    Yes, please see our hours on our contact page
  • Do you accept credit cards? What forms of payment do you accept?
    Yes, credit cards and/or cash payments are accepted.
  • Do you currently have strawberries in stock for sale?
    We usually have u-pick or pre-picked strawberries. Please visit our Facebook or Instagram page for the most recent updates.
  • Is there an entry fee?
    No, there is no entrance fee. We want everyone to experience the freedom of time spent in nature, so we welcome you free of charge! You’ll just pay for your berries and any products you want to purchase.
  • What times and days are you open after opening day?
    Please see our hours on our contact page.
  • When will opening day be and how will we be able to find out when it is?
    Depending on our berries for the year and weather conditions, it is typically in late May or early June. We will announce it on our website, Facebook and Instagram page and we send email updates. You can follow our social media accounts or sign up for our emails at the bottom of our website.
  • Do you grow organically?
    While we do not have FDA organic certification, our strawberries grow in a natural environment. We use the Integrated Pest Management system (IPM) which allows us to assess individual plants and spray only when we need to versus just spraying the whole crop on a schedule. The spray we use is a surface spray that doesn’t penetrate the plant and rinses off with rain or water.
  • Do you have blueberries?
    While we grow blueberries, we don’t yet have enough harvest to offer a U-pick option. Look for our blueberries at our Farmers Market stands at the Lebanon and Wilmington Farmers Markets in June.
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