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From Peaches to Strawberries

A Family Farm Legacy

We are the Vincents--a family dedicated to preserving the art of farm life. For generations, our family has been drawn to the rewarding rhythm of fruit farming. In 1950, Steve’s father Dean bought a peach tree orchard. He intended to pull the peach trees out, but fortunately just never got around to it. He woke up one morning and realized, peach trees looked pretty good blooming in the early morning summer haze. They tasted pretty good too. Soon, he fell in love with growing peach trees, eventually pulling his young family into the mix of harvesting the sweet summer fruit. Some of Steve’s earliest memories involved working in the dirt on his dad’s farm. With calloused little hands and sweat dripping off his chin, Steve learned to appreciate a hard day’s work and the steadiness of farm life. Young Steve even took it upon himself to start strawberry runs and sell the berries to the community. Eventually, he grew up, went to college, and took his business skills to a career in accounting. When Steve retired, he and his son, Jon, began dreaming of farm life again. They followed their passion right to a big piece of land off of Gum Grove road and began planting strawberry runs. This year they are inviting you to come join them on the farm for a family activity picking delicious fresh strawberries. A lot has changed for the Vincent family in recent years, but one thing remains beautifully true: strawberries run in the family.  

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We value hard work, connection with nature, connection with family, and a slower, farm-fresh rhythm of life.

Strawberry Run Old Photography
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