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Summer Activities | Less Worry, More Fun

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

How to effectively soak up the summer

As July comes to a close and we look forward to one more month tucked into the pocket of summer, we want to challenge you to cut loose. Savor the season with less worry and way more fun. As farmers, we’ve learned to appreciate and taste what each season has to offer. This has brought a unique abundance to our lives that we will never stop nurturing. Once you’ve learned to live out loud appreciating all the simple qualities of life outdoors, you never go back. This is the eyes wide open, chasing the sunset, wind blowing, soul singing, dirt-covered hands, completely alive life we’ve always wanted. And you don’t have to be a farmer to live it. For the rest of the summer, we challenge you to fully soak it up!

The More Fun Summer List:

-Take an adventurous road trip

-Set up a backyard movie night complete with popcorn, candy, and soda

-Eat a popsicle on the driveway

-Walk through the cool, dewy grass in the morning

-Make a picnic of deli sandwiches, freshly picked berries, and salty kettle chips under your favorite shade tree

-Take a walk right after a thunderstorm and enjoy the smell of fresh, warm earth

-Let the sun brew a pitcher of your favorite iced tea

-Explore a county fair and find a tasty funnel cake

-Jump off the diving board

-Pick some wildflowers for a friend

-Host an outdoor BBQ

-Sleep outside under the stars

-Reread your favorite book under a tree

-Stop by a roadside farm stand

-Eat a hot dog at a baseball game

-Swing on a swing

-Live by the sun and the moon with no time schedule for a day

-Have coffee with your Black-eyed Susans

-Cast a line in the pond and hope you catch something

-Chase lightning bugs and catch a few in a mason jar

-Visit a farmers market and buy some fresh greens

-Run through the sprinkler screaming

-Find a good magazine and read until you dose off in a hammock

-Chase after the ice cream truck

-Jump into the smooth waters of a lake

-Bite into the juiciest, stickiest watermelon

-Let the humidity style and curl your hair and be fine with it

-Enjoy an outdoor concert

-Slather yourself in Coppertone and spend a lazy day at the pool until it closes

-Go see a summer blockbuster

-Get lost in the woods

-Ride a few waves on a boogie board

-Wish all of these things would last forever and remind yourself that next year you can pick up where you left off

We hope you dive into this list and have a sweet and sticky rest of your Summer.


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