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Kids Jam

A Tip for Parents

Do you want to create fun Jam making memories with your kids, but fear of chaos is holding you back? We can relate and that is why we want to give you some tips for making your time in the kitchen more fun and less stressful.

Start small Give your child a small job. Set up a kid's table for them to mash the berries. Welcome your kids into the kitchen, even babies so they learn what you are doing. Talk about what you are doing, the sounds you hear, the scents you make, etc. Play together Your kids want to be with you. Let them be a part of the kitchen and play even if you don't have the time or patience. Allow them to handle certain ingredients like pouring the berries into a pot, adding sugar, etc. Keep going It's okay to lose your patience. We all do it. Just keep trying. If you lose your cool because your kids just want to throw sugar everywhere, explain how you are feeling and use that as a teaching moment and try to concentrate on the fun you are having together. Sing together Singing can really brighten up the mood for both you and your child. This can make your time in the kitchen more special and especially effective when teaching kids skills that require patience like stirring slowly or taking turns. Be prepared There is nothing worse than having to go through drawers to find things you need while your toddler is at the counter with access to all the ingredients. Make sure to give yourself some time to lay out everything you need or measure ingredients ahead of time to help be prepared and have a stress-free experience. Keep expectations low We get really excited cooking with our kids only to be disappointed when they leave after two minutes. It's normal for kids to lose interest fast. Take the pressure off, take a break if you have to. Letting your child know he/she doesn't have to cook longer than he/she wants to will help them feel more relaxed and less anxious.

Embrace the Mess The kitchen will get messy. There is no way to avoid it so instead try to embrace it. Kids learn so much from the kitchen. Start small, enjoy the moment, and learn together

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