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CLOSED for the season | See you
next year!

We offer families the relief of wide-open green space, fresh berry picking, and a place to create seasonal outdoor traditions.


Come on out to our farm!

  1. We have a parking spot waiting for you.

  2. Visit the check-in station located inside the barn and grab your box.

  3. Head out to the field, fill your box full of fresh berries, and watch big smiles spread across little faces.

Hop in that minivan. 

We have a box waiting for you!


As a result of our fast-paced, driven, and technology-obsessed society our children are missing out on crucial aspects of life.

Our farm helps children understand where their food comes from and introduces them to a slower, more connected, and more natural way of life.


There is nothing like the taste of a fresh, sweet strawberry. At Strawberry Run, we provide an authentic berry-picking experience from late May through the end of June. Don’t miss the chance to fill your home with the smell of fresh strawberry jam, pies, and pastries

On the farm you will:

  • Create traditions

  • Create connection 

  • Relieve stress

Meet the Family

We understand how difficult it is to find quality outdoor experiences that the whole family will enjoy. Our family wants to build a legacy by providing an opportunity for families to connect. We care about inspiring people to try a more intimate connection with the earth’s life cycle. A slow rhythm of life and the satisfaction of a hard day’s work are worth sharing with our community, and we believe there is a beautiful reward found in watching something grow. At Strawberry Run, your family will have the opportunity to connect with nature and each other creating memories that will last a lifetime.

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Strawberry Stories


Creating Outdoor Traditions

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CLOSED for the season

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